Why you should replace your air filter this winter

Preemptive maintenance is crucial in ensuring your system is operating easily. This goes beyond remembering your regular maintenance tune-up, but also examining your air filter. Your air filter is vital for keeping your system operating effectively and improving your home’s indoor air quality. It’s likely quite a few of us will be spending more time indoors this winter, there’s no better time to aim on improving the quality of air that is circulating within your house. Exchanging out your air filter is a simple thing to do and there are lots of advantages to it such as:

Enhanced Indoor Air Quality
Air filters clean your air as it moves around your house by trapping dirt and debris. If someone in your home is experiencing allergies or asthma, an efficient air filter can do wonders to help assist with managing the symptoms. And if you have a pet, you realize pet dander is a constant concern. A quality, clean air filter will allow you to enjoy the air.

Increase the Life and Efficiency of Your System
A filthy air filter is one of the primary sources for system interruptions. When your air filter is filthy your system has to work more to keep you warm, which will be evident on your utility costs and it can also trigger your unit to overheat. Premptive maintenance such as air filter replacement will help to certify that your system has a prolonged, efficient life.

It’s wise to adhere to your filter provider’s suggestion on how often you should be changing your filter. Lennox offers the greatest MERV filter available, which will endure up to one year contingent on environments in the home. If you would like further information on the benefits of replacing your air filter, we’re always ready to answer any questions and help you keep your indoor space comfy this season and throughout the year. You can call our experts at 973-245-9707 to schedule a visit to book an appointment.

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